Luxury Villas
What better way to immerse yourself in the character of Italy's villages, cities and coastlines than from your own Italian villa rental. A comfortable vacation in a self-catering villa is the very best way to discover the secrets of Italy.

Villas are perfect for bespoke and luxury holidays as, belonging to last trends in tourism, travellers are looking for unique experiences: remote locations, open-range wildlife tours, eco-friendly travel and experiencing new cultures. Privacy remain a priority for the discerning traveler together with the possibility to share luxury travel space with customized travel itineraries.

A villa rental works perfectly for nowadays travelers exigencies as it’s able to guarantee

  • Privacy: Typically, villas are private homes where your neighbors are not on the other side of the wall, as in a hotel. Your pool, beachfront, dock, etc. are not shared. And your parking spot is right there
  • Quiet: Villas are usually in quiet parts of town away from main streets, with no hotel or street noise
  • Design: Luxury villas are often one-of-a-kind properties such as castles, châteaux, penthouses, ski chalets, or beach houses
  • Live-in: Luxury villas are usually homes equipped with a kitchen, deck, pool,
  • Space: Luxury villas are generally bigger than all but the largest hotel suites
  • Group suitability: With multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, villas can provide a better "friends and family" experience than a block of hotel rooms
  • Value: Luxury villa rates compare well with hotels, especially for stays of a week or more. And having a kitchen (and sometimes a chef on call) moderates restaurant expenses
  • Pet-friendly: As private homes, villas tend to be more welcoming to furry visitors
It is with this spirit that we invite you to consider our properties full of character and to take advantage of our Customized Concierge Service able to supply all possible assistance and add every desired activity to your holiday.
Exclusive Properties In Piemonte, Toscana, Costiera Amalfitana, Capri, Puglia, Sardegna e Sicilia.
  • Customized Concierge Service
  • Cooking courses
  • In-house Chef
  • Transfers, excursions and tours
  • Tastings
  • Events and weddings
  • Courses and lessons
  • Services reservation
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