Personal Travel Advisor
Do you want to book independently your vacation in Italy but need some help for planning your trip? Perhaps you have your hotels and cities planned but need help with finding the right tours to enhance your experience, or some insider information, or need hotels and restaurant recommendations?

Take advantage of my Travel Advisory Service: have my itinerary consultation, finalize your travel plan and book directly the services.

I will support you designing a custom-built itinerary especially made for you according to your desires, your points of interest and your personality but you will remain the protagonist of your travel planning.

One of the important issues in any successful and productive trip is to have an effective and efficient itinerary and journey plan. I am expert in designing and setting up itineraries all over Italy in order to save my clients’ time and also assist them with their budgeting.

Designing effective trip plans for Italy is quite different than most European countries as Italy is so different from North to South for history, tradition, lifestyle and tourism culture. Every Italian region contains a multi-faceted core: romantic, eccentric, glamorous, sporting, aristocratic, charming, world famous, popular, sentimental folk.

Enjoying the best of Italy requires therefore considerable local knowledge otherwise there will be a lot of miscalculations which will inevitably end in lost time and the resultant frustrations. Furthermore no matter where you travel, it’s always best to understand a little of the language, manners and customs of your host country.

Travel Advisory Service: after initial consultation to get expert advice and support for the things you need to round out your trip you can chose among the following consultancy services:
  • Creating a calendar that fits your timing and budget
  • Planning number of days to spend in each Italian city to see the highlights.
  • Recommending a personal guide to bring a historic site or experience to life. 
  • Finding the perfect hotel, villa or apartment to live out your Italian Adventure.
  • Planning activities for day tours
  • Assessing the areas you want support from itinerary planning, finding the perfect accommodations, things to see and do from each base.
  • training in Italian Custom and Etiquette.
  • Basic Italian words for the traveler. Our Italian Travel Glossary will tell you the words you need to know to function on your Italy vacation.
My motto is “ travel with your specific goals and motivations in mind and gain a greater sense of confidence and purpose” !

Owner and Director

Who I am I am a professional counting 24 years in the Italian travel industry & Communication. Before founding Bramafam I’ve cooperated with most important Italian tour operators and travelled all over the world. I had the opportunity to guide many trips with the most demanding people and develop a special sense to satisfy any personal requirements. With Bramafam I wanted to realize a dream, the one of sharing with foreign travellers same passion for Italy. Thanks to my artistic and creative spirit, I have a sixth sense to find beautiful locations and organize unique "experience" travels. Furthermore, my personal relationship with top Hotels&Resorts, restaurants, spas and top wine cellars help me to provide you the incredible values and rare experience, from complimentary upgrades and amenities to special recognition and privileged access.