The Bramafam Consulting team is specialized in providing solution strategy, marketing and publicity service , food training support and Etiquette training courses to helping small hotels maximize their distinctive potential, occupancy and profitability. We are convinced that small hotels can be formidable player and competitors in the hospitality industry when they are able to guarantee personalized service, knowledge of the cross cultural difference, innovative chef-driven restaurants and authentic style.

Offer your customers world class service with our cutting-edge services in the Hospitality industry
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IMAGE&MARKETING. In today’s competitive business image is everything and first impressions are the key to success. The image with which your company is identified is its “personality” and, as an individuality, reflects ideas, spirit, methods and techinques of a company. Our identity and marketing consultancy is specialized in hotel and restaurants: wheter to invent or reinvent yourself we are a strategic partners to create a powerfull brand to concept to execution.

  • Branding and Image development
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations

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Bramafam offer a  complete production and location service to film and television productions, photographers and advertising agencies in the Piedmont region. Most of the elegant private villas, country chic resorts, castles and beautiful wine cellars  from our " Chic& Suites" Collection have  actually great potential  to be used as film, tv  commercials  and photographic  locations. As each of them is different, and different are the exigencies of the professionals, our service is extremely flexible and tailored to suit any assignment. We personally know each property and we have the skill to foresee and overcome any likely situations working precisely ,withing budget and providing full management service to our professional.

Etiquette is perhaps one of the most fundamental skills hospitality staff must acquire. Meeting the cultural needs of foreign guests is becoming more important and helps raise the profile of an establishment.
Our expert in Business & Social Etiquette Nicola Santini, had purposely designed unique Hospitality Etiquette Training courses applied to the hospitality industry such as hotels, caterer, restaurants, event organizer, corporate entertainers. Special courses providing the personnel within the hospitality industry with key cross cultural skills to enable them to deal effectively with foreign guests.

  • Learn the rules of receving guests
  • Understand the importance to organize successfull meals and business meeetings
  • Become more aware of the way in which cross cultural differences can impact hospitality

In cooperation with Nicola Santini
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