ART HOLIDAYS: the intimate acces to italian artistic “soul”… If you want to capture the true essence of Italy we offers you a real opportunity with most fascinating and exciting program: whether you are interested in music, drama, mosaic, pottery, sculpture or painting, our adventure learning vacations are perfect for those people motivated with a desire of either learning a new skill or improving an existing one. All our tutors are professional and, beside the workshop, there is also the opportunity of live demonstrations by folk and traditional artists.

You will take advantage of our friendly and relaxed environment where you can be inspired to learn while having a great time and meeting like minded people. A fantastic experience for beginners and professionals with the right balance of activity and relaxation.

Non-partecipating partners are welcome too: they will count on our support for organizing any other interesting activity or sightseeing beeing our personalised service able to suit any budget and adapt the holidays in order to find the right balance of activity and relaxation.

The material will be provided, and the finished artwork can be kept by the participants.

learn and practise the several steps in the creation of a mosaic, familiarize with the materials and learn the techniques used for cutting and setting mosaic pieces. Create your small mosaic or decorate one of your favourite object or, if you prefer, reproduce a Roman mosaic: with this option you will produce a faithfull copy of a Roman or Byzantine original using the techinques of the time.

ITALIAN JEWELERY DESIGN and gems throughout all the various creative phases: design and projects, study of trends, realization, estimation criteria, historical jewelry.

FLORAL ART COURSE a very exciting experience in floral design where you will learn to create different styles of floral arrangements suitable for many occasions: these include table centrepieces, basket arrangements, modern designs, traditional arrangements, tributes, corsages, bridal bouquets and wedding designs.

TERRACOTTA AND BRONZE WORKS: awareness of sculptural qualities through sensitive working with clay and bronze the round. The opportunity to improve awareness of sculptural from through overcoming preconception in working from the figure and be involved in pratical discussion around the processes and/or aesthetics involved with drying, firing, mounting, sealing and patinating…

FRESCO COURSE a course teaching the fresco painting method and including the study of materials and the various phases of the fresco process.

PAINTING with a professional painter and experienced teacher to appreciate the very essence of Mediterranean colors on a journey through unknown terrain. End your special day with superb wine tasting in most reputable cellar.

ANTIQUING COURSE: informative and practical techniques for inspecting and examining antiques. Learn antiques technology, styles, periods, construction, manufacturer location and the craftsman.

MARBLE SCULPTURE: learn the arts and secrets of marble sculpting , under the tutelage of epxert sculptors and marble –workers which will be able to transform you in a sort of.. modern Donatello!

CERAMIC WORKSHOP become familiar with clay and glaze technologies in stimulating environment and a wide range of opportunities to explore, work and research in the ceramic medium: from innovative figurative and sculptural piecese to finely made domestic vessels.